Hummer H2 10-12 Inch Lift Kit 2003-2009


An Overview

This kit Fits all Hummer H2 models. The Bulletproof Suspension kit will allow you to keep the Factory wheel base and track width. There is no welding required for installation of this kit Kit.  All Bulletproof Suspension manufactured parts are covered by a lifetime transferable warranty.

  • Kit includes
  • Upper Control Arms
  • Upper Control Arm Drops
  • Once Piece Drop Cage
  • Impact Bars
  • Front Sway Bar Links
  • Differential drops
  • Torsion Drops
  • Heim Joint Steering (center links, tie rod extension, drag links)
  • Rear Coil Spacers
  • Rear Panhard Drop and brace
  • Rear 4 Link Drops
  • Rear 4 Link Tie Ins
  • Rear Sway Bar Links

Hummer H2 10-12 Inch Lift Kit 2003-2009

Why Choose A Bulletproof Suspension System?

Bulletproof Suspension Inc,  has designed a 10″-12″  Lift Kit for your Hummer H2 with the best leading design and engineering that can only come from Bulletproof Suspension Inc. Our Bulletproof Suspension H2 lift kit is one of if not the most popular H2 Lift Kit available on the market today. Tried, proved and tested, this is the only 10- 12 Inch Lift Kit for your H2.

All components are made from A36 steel plate 1/4″ thick or thicker and heavy wall D.O.M. (drawn over mandrel) seamless steel tubing. We use continuous seam welding with gusseted truss type construction. We call it “Bulletproof” because it is.

Bulletproof Hummer H2 10″-12″ kit maintains factory wheel track width and wheel base and there’s no need for cutting off the main factory boss on the differential like on other H2 lift kits. We here at Bulletproof Suspension know that, being able to return your truck back to stock is essential to the re-sale value of your vehicle. In addition, both the steering and differential are dropped down not just left in the factory position as on some other H2 lift kits. This prevents any extreme angles and maintains the factory geometry while still achieving up to 10″-12″ of lift with no axle spacers.

Let Bulletproof Suspension team get you up on 40″ – 44″ tires up to 15.5″ wide on your Hummer H2.

Option 1 (Basic)

  • Bulletproof Kit  $4,250.00
  • Standard shocks Rear (Set of 6)  $354.00
  • CV Front driveshaft  $575.00
    Total: $5,179.00

Option 2 (Upgraded)

  • Bulletproof Kit  $4,250.00
  • Bulletproof 2.0 Reservoir shocks (Set of 6)  $1,710.00
  • Bulletproof Billet Shock Clamps ($30X12)  $360.00
  • CV Front driveshaft $575.00
    Total: $6,895.00

Option 3 (Complete Upgrades)

  • Bulletproof Kit  $4,250.00
  • Bulletproof 2.0 Reservoir shocks (Set of 6)  $1,710.00
  • Bulletproof Billet Shock Clamps ($30X12)  $360.00
  • CV Front driveshaft $575.00
  • Uniball A-Arms  $250.00
    Total:  $7,145.00

**Hummers with factory air ride will require additional parts

**Minor Cutting or Trimming required.

**rear driveline needs to be extended 2”


Shipping and any Taxes that may apply are not included in above prices.

Tire Size: 40″–44″ & Required wheel backspacing 4 ½”


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